Free Acne Treatments – Natural Remedies for an Acne-Free Skin. Part 2

Free Acne Treatment # 4: Drink fresh juice.
Detoxification through fresh fruit and vegetables juices can also help, as acne may be a signal that your organs for detoxification and excretion are not working properly. Carrot-sugar beet juice (one part beet, three parts carrot and two parts water) can clear the complexion. Cucumber may also be added to the juice.

Free Acne Treatment # 5: Go high on fiber.
Studies show that acne sufferers’ skin clear more rapidly when fiber is increased in their diet. High-fiber foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

This acne treatment is complementary to drinking fresh juice as fiber also cleanses the body.

Free Acne Treatment # 6: Visualize.
Yes, you read it right. Visualization can help cure acne. This may sound like a very new acne treatment, but the positive energy you release and channel does help in treatment.

New York psychiatrist Gerald Epstein suggests a particular visualization exercise: After closing your eyes and breathing out slowly for three times, imagine yourself in an open field of green grass on a sunny day. Feel yourself stretching up towards the sun. Look at your arms becoming longer as you reach with your palms up into the sky. Feel the sun’s rays in your palms and circulating through your fingers and going beyond your fingertips so that there will be light at the end of your fingers. Looking at your dominant hand, see a small hand at the end of each light ray radiating from your fingertips. For your non-dominant hand, see a small eye at the end of each ray from each fingertip.

Look at the five small eyes and five small hands again. Direct them to where your acne is located. Let the eyes shine light while you take a golden fine-bristle brush using one of the small hands. Feel it carefully cleaning and scraping all your acne. Using another small hand, flash a blue laser light on the cleaned area and visualize the skin healing. As you do this, feel your acne clearing up for good. With another small hand, coat the area with a salve of blue sky and sunshine to keep it clean.

Do this three times a day, with around 3-5 minutes for each session and watch the results!

With these safe and natural free acne treatments, soon you can find yourself not only clear but also healthy and glowing skin!

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