Free Acne Treatments – Natural Remedies for an Acne-Free Skin. Part 2

Free Acne Treatment # 4: Drink fresh juice.
Detoxification through fresh fruit and vegetables juices can also help, as acne may be a signal that your organs for detoxification and excretion are not working properly. Carrot-sugar beet juice (one part beet, three parts carrot and two parts water) can clear the complexion. Cucumber may also be added to the juice.

Free Acne Treatment # 5: Go high on fiber.
Studies show that acne sufferers’ skin clear more rapidly when fiber is increased in their diet. High-fiber foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

This acne treatment is complementary to drinking fresh juice as fiber also cleanses the body.

Free Acne Treatment # 6: Visualize.
Yes, you read it right. Visualization can help cure acne. This may sound like a very new acne treatment, but the positive energy you release and channel does help in treatment.

New York psychiatrist Gerald Epstein suggests a particular visualization exercise: After closing your eyes and breathing out slowly for three times, imagine yourself in an open field of green grass on a sunny day. Feel yourself stretching up towards the sun. Look at your arms becoming longer as you reach with your palms up into the sky. Feel the sun’s rays in your palms and circulating through your fingers and going beyond your fingertips so that there will be light at the end of your fingers. Looking at your dominant hand, see a small hand at the end of each light ray radiating from your fingertips. For your non-dominant hand, see a small eye at the end of each ray from each fingertip.

Look at the five small eyes and five small hands again. Direct them to where your acne is located. Let the eyes shine light while you take a golden fine-bristle brush using one of the small hands. Feel it carefully cleaning and scraping all your acne. Using another small hand, flash a blue laser light on the cleaned area and visualize the skin healing. As you do this, feel your acne clearing up for good. With another small hand, coat the area with a salve of blue sky and sunshine to keep it clean.

Do this three times a day, with around 3-5 minutes for each session and watch the results!

With these safe and natural free acne treatments, soon you can find yourself not only clear but also healthy and glowing skin!

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Free Acne Treatments – Natural Remedies for an Acne-Free Skin. Part 1

Courtesy of Michael Lee

Acne. It is the bane of most teenagers, and even fully-grown adults. And with expensive over-the-counter products for acne, acne sufferers may find some free acne treatments through natural means a welcome relief to the face – if not the pocket. As natural healing is becoming increasingly popular and accepted today, free acne treatments through natural remedies may be a good way to go to get rid of those pimples on your face.

But what causes acne? There is no single cause, although hormones, especially among teenagers, have been blamed as a main culprit. Abnormal levels of the hormone testosterone can cause acne among males, while changing hormone levels before their menstrual period begins can cause acne in females. Stress, environmental irritants like pollution and high humidity, and continued friction on the skin from pressure and rubbing, can also cause acne.

Use free acne treatments through natural remedies enumerated below to say goodbye to acne:

Free Acne Treatment # 1: Go herbal.
Herbal medicine is one of the best – and safest – means to treat many kinds of symptoms or diseases. One good herb for curing acne is basil. To prepare an infusion, add two teaspoons of dried basil leaves to one cup of boiling water. Let the leaves steep for 10-20 minutes. Drink the infusion three times a day.

Free Acne Treatment # 2: Relax with aromatherapy.
Your aromatherapy oils may not only be soothing to your nose but to your skin as well. Tea tree essential oil in particular is a natural antiseptic that is gentle on the skin. It has been compared with benzoyl peroxide in the reduction of acne, minus negative side effects. Moreover, you will find tea tree oil as an ingredient in some acne-fighting products. So, the pure essential oil may be one of the best acne treatments available.

For treatment, simply drop some tea tree oil in the problem area after cleansing your face. Or you can prepare a solution with five percent tea tree oil and apply. The second is applicable particularly for those with sensitive skin, as essential oils are quite potent.

Free Acne Treatment # 3: Cure it with coconut.
Coconut is one of the best, all-around natural remedies for hundreds of health problems. As an acne treatment, its oil detoxifies and clears the skin. After washing the face, simply apply a little coconut oil and massage it on your skin. As coconut oil detoxifies the skin first, your complexion may worsen at first but will soon clear. Use coconut oil every morning as an effective free acne treatment.

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6 Pack Abs Diet – Eat Your Way to Stunning 6 Pack Abs

Guest post by Michael Lee

Getting that great 6 pack abs is not all about exercise. In fact, all that 6 pack abs workout is meaningless if your belly still has layers of fat. You can firm up and sculpt your abs but the fat remains – and covers up your hard work – if you do not eat right. A pot belly is still a pot belly and a love handle is still a love handle even if you have amazing abdominal muscles beneath the fat.

The good news, though, is with the proper abs diet, you can have that sexy 6 pack abs. And, you need not exert so much time and effort in workout as the body will already be shedding fat – even without strenuous activity. Eating right is a very crucial step to get that steaming hot abs.

Below are some simple diet tips to help you lose belly fat fast and get that 6 pack abs quicker:

1. Eat small, well-distributed meals throughout the day. Aside from the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, you may want to include a morning and afternoon snack as well. Eating this way keeps the body’s metabolism going and makes fat burning easier. Fast metabolism can translate to fast abs.

2 Choose foods high in fiber. Aside from detoxifying the body, fiber is lower in calories and fills you up without the fat. So instead of that white bread or white rice, opt for whole grains and brown rice. Stack up on fruits and vegetables.

3. Build muscle with healthy protein. To “build” your hot 6 pack abs, eat healthy protein like tuna, salmon, eggs, almonds, cottage cheese, among others. Protein also boosts metabolism.

4. Get energy from complex carbohydrates. When it comes to toning your abs or tummy, complex carbohydrates may be not so complex. These carbs are simple, straightforward solutions. Eat complex carbs so that lesser sugar is converted to body fat. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, and root crops like sweet potatoes are excellent complex carbohydrates.

5. Cut down on sodium. Sodium bloats the stomach. Avoid salty foods like chips. Besides, these contain lots of fat anyway. Also, ease up on the seasoning when you’re cooking. Higher salt content in food can stimulate your appetite instead of curbing it. And if you want those ripped abs, you won’t aim to eat more.

6. Lessen alcohol intake. Like sodium, alcohol can also bloat the stomach. Plus, they are additional calories you need to burn. Imagine the washboard abs you can get if you don’t drink that next bottle.

7. Drink right. Keep your body hydrated with plenty of water. Water is also a good appetite controller.Combine this effective abs diet tips with strategic cardiovascular and abs workout, and your dream of having sexy, 6 pack abs gets closer everyday.

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