Eat Stop Eat – Intermittent Fasting

Eat Stop EatA reader named Jessica wrote in to tell me about this two e-book weight loss product called Eat Stop Eat. It is a program based on “intermittent fasting” written by Brad Pilon. The general idea is that you sort of take a break from eating for certain periods of time, about 2-3 times per week. I have not read the book, but Jessica says the program worked well for her and she wanted to share it with others. This e-book set is normally $49.95, but is on sale for the month of August at only $10.00

Click Here to learn more about Eat Stop Eat.

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BistroMD and Dr. Phil Help the World’s Heaviest Woman Lose Weight

BistroMD Collaborates with Dr. Phil to Help the World’s Heaviest Woman Lose Weight Safely Through its Nutritionally Sound Weight Loss Program

Dr. PhilNAPLES, FL— BistroMD, the weight loss program that provides great tasting, nutritionally sound meals for a lighter, healthier you, today announced its latest collaboration with the Dr. Phil Show – helping Pauline Potter, the world’s heaviest living woman according to the Guinness Book of World Records achieve a healthy weight.

In the episode that aired Nov. 23, 2011, Pauline Potter who weighs 643 pounds, is turning to Dr. Phil and BistroMD to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. BistroMD and Dr. Phil have an ongoing collaboration to assist people seeking to make a positive change in their lives, which often times involves improving both the health and self-esteem of people suffering from obesity. BistroMD will complement the advice and counsel offered by Dr. Phil by providing all of Pauline Potter’s meals during her transformation to a healthy weight.

Prepared by a team of chefs, BistroMD’s great tasting meals are based on a sound nutritional platform designed by BistroMD’s founding physician, Dr. Caroline Cederquist and her team of dietitians. The BistroMD team will ensure that all the dietary and nutritional qualifications necessary for Potter’s healthy weight loss for are met.

“BistroMD is the best weight loss program available,” said Dr. Phil McGraw, Host of the Dr. Phil Show.

“It is always a great pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Phil on his quests to help people live happier, healthier lifestyles by changing what they eat,” said Dr. Caroline Cederquist, Founding Physician of BistroMD. “We will help Pauline achieve her goal in a way that is both nutritionally safe and personally satisfying.”

To learn more about BistroMD please visit: BistroMD.

About BistroMD:

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Bistro MD is the weight loss program that provides nutritionally sound meals that taste great and is designed for a lighter, healthier you. Founded by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. the founder and medical director of the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center and as a board-certified bariatric physician, her scientific understanding of medical weight management through proper nutrition has allowed her to help patients all over the world achieve healthy weight loss.

BistroMD’s home-delivered meals are healthy, delicious and convenient, going beyond the diet industry’s focus on portion control with the proper combinations of food scientifically proven to support weight loss. For more information on BistroMD, please visit: BistroMD and get free shipping on your next order.

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Detoxify Your Body

There are many benefits that can come about from detoxifying your body, including clearer skin and a revitalization of your energy levels. Detoxification cleans the blood by eliminating impurities and this is excellent for your overall well being.

Not only will you be eliminating impurities from your kidneys and liver but also any impurities that are trapped within your skin. This will give your skin a revitalized look and help you to look fresher and younger.

It is particularly important to consider detoxification if you drink excess alcohol, coffee, or you smoke cigarettes.
One of the simplest ways of detoxifying is to use a fasting diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and juices. This fasting diet will help you to maintain good levels of nutrients while getting rid of any toxins that have built up in your system. Note that you should always consult your doctor or nutritionist before going on any fasting diets.

Such a diet can last up to three days, and while you might feel tired initially, your energy levels will soon pick up as your system becomes accustomed to the diet.

There are other methods of detoxifying your body that most people will find more appealing.

A sauna is one such example, and it is a great way to remove chemical buildups in the fat cells of the skin.

The heat from the sauna will open the pores of the skin and allow the toxins to be released. Some people might find that a sauna can actually aggravate problems that they might have with their capillaries. If you have particularly sensitive skin then it might pay to consider this before deciding whether to use a sauna on a regular basis.

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Shape Up for Spring – Easy Routines for Good Health

(ARA) – When it comes to getting in shape, celebrity fitness trainer Kim Lyons from “The Biggest Loser” knows it’s all about forming healthy routines. Lyons has provided support and encouragement to millions of people looking to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“I tell my clients that they are not going to see drastic changes in their weight and appearance over night. So it is important to stay motivated by adopting smaller, easy habits that give them the reward of feeling more healthy and beautiful along the way,” says Lyons who just released her new book, “Your Body, Your Life.”

Here she offers some unique tips to help you shape up inside and out:

* Take notes – Purchase a small notebook that fits in your purse or briefcase, and get in the habit of keeping a “compliment journal.” Record compliments you receive and browse through it once a day for motivation to stick to your healthy, beautiful habits.

* Brush up – Just like your body, your smile should be not only beautiful on the outside but healthy on the inside too. Try new Crest Healthy Radiance, a system of daily fluoride toothpaste and weekly deep clean strips that strengthen enamel below the surface and deep clean to whiten. It whitens four times better than the leading whitening toothpaste for results that will motivate you to keep going.

* Weigh in – After you start your fitness program, step on the scale one time each week to monitor your progress. You will be able to track your progress and remind yourself that you are getting there.

* Choose one – If getting healthy seems too overwhelming, pick one small bad habit and focus on eliminating it for one week. Then pick another for the next week. Do this for 12 weeks and before you know it you will have twelve new healthy habits.

* Celebrate – Take time to reward yourself for your healthy habits each week. When you reach a major goal, take a day off and go to the beach or treat yourself to an evening out.

Adopting these simple routines will keep you feeling healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside from start to finish of your fitness program.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

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McDonald’s Burger Goes Bionic

Here is a video about a guy who left a McDonald’s Hamburger in his coat pocket for a year, and when he found it, it didn’t look too much different from when he put it in there. It’s all very cute and funny, until the end when the ingredients of the burger are listed. Now, I know there are tons of chemicals in things we eat every day and indeed it’s pretty hard to avoid. But the list of what is in this one burger is stifling. No wonder they call it junk food. Now I may think twice before letting my children eat these ‘Bionic Burgers.”


The video was made by Len Foley to promote Health and Weight Loss expert David Wolfe’s Best Day Ever site.

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Adding Muscle Isn’t the Ideal Way to Lose Unwanted Fat

By: Rusty Moore

Is Gaining Muscle Mass a Good Strategy for Fat Loss?

I am sick and tired of hearing trainers tell their clients that they need to gain muscle to lose fat quickly. If this was the case, wouldn’t all of the big guys be much leaner? In most instances it is the guys with a regular amount of muscle that are the leanest guys in the gym.

Gaining Muscle is a VERY Inefficient Way to Lose Body Fat

The math simply doesn’t work out…you burn an extra 12 calories per day for each pound of lean muscle that you gain. Let’s say you gained 10 pounds of pure muscle (which would mean that you probably had to gain 10 pounds of weight). You would burn an extra 120 calories each day from that 10 pound muscle gain.

Diet and Cardio, Done Properly, Can Help You Lose Fat Quickly

Diet and cardio can create a massive calorie deficit that muscle gain can’t touch. Remember the fact that 10 pounds of fat can burn 120 calories more each day? Well, you could create a calorie deficit of close to 10 times that amount with a proper diet and intense cardio.

Too Much Muscle Can Ruin the Look of Your Physique

Too much muscle makes a guy look kind of “cheesy”. Women have been trying to tell guys for years that they prefer men to have average sized muscles, but with good muscle tone. Women never look good with a bunch of muscle. Those female bodybuilders look like men! Sorry to offend anyone, but that is a really bad look!

If you want to gain muscle, then work on gaining muscle. If you want to burn body fat, then diet and cardio is the way to go!

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Candida Relief Product Review

A reader has written in with a review after trying HelloLife’s Candidol supplement. Here is what she said:

CandidolCandidol is definitely helping with my yeast overgrowth symptoms. Whenever I take it, my skin becomes very itchy but this is a good thing since it means the yeast and toxins are being eliminated from my body! It’s basically just a die-off symptom, which is completely normal. This has been the only product I have tried with success at eliminating a chronic systemic yeast overgrowth I have had for a number of years, thanks to being on antibiotics for over a decade when I was a teen. I’d definitely recommend this product to others with a yeast problem. It’s been money well spent.”
— Kendall Hunt, Canada

I want to thank Kendall for this review. It just goes to show the power of the internet and how coming across something like Candidol on a web site can actually make your life, or at least part of it, better and easier to deal with.

Candidol is available at HelloLife.

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Healthy Fat Intake

Fat IntakeThis article is intended to help you reduce or alter your fat intake. The average individual eats too much fat, a factor that’s linked to a variety of health problems, including cancer. Diets that are high in fat are associated with breast and colon cancer, with some studies linking high fat to prostate cancer as well.

A majority of people can bring their fat intake down to a healthy range by making a few adjustments in the way they shop, cook, and prepare the foods they eat.

These days, it’s getting easier and easier to control the amount of fat you consume. The fat content of foods are now available through the nutrition label and through brochures distributed by food companies and even fast food restaurants.

You can use this information on nutrition to choose lower fat foods by comparing products and food brands. Once you have a rough idea of what a healthy intake of fat is, you’ll know what you can and what you can’t have.

From day to day, the amount of fat you eat will vary. Some meals and some days will be higher in fat than others. Even high fat meals can be kept in line with healthy eating as long as you balance those days accordingly. The average fat intake over the course of weeks and months is important, not the fat intake of every meal and food you consume.

Younger adults and highly active adults who have higher calorie needs can probably eat a little more fat. Older adults and those who aren’t very active should aim for a lower fat intake. This way, you can control your fat intake and avoid the many problems that fat is associated with.

As always, since everybody is different, your mileage may vary.

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Quantum Touch – The Healing Touch

Quantum touch is literally the healing touch that has gained more and more recognition in the last twenty years. It is now discussed as a central topic of modern holistic medical investigation. Quantum touch has been proved to be an astonishingly effective treatment for a variety of disorders, which includes some that were believed to be incurable.

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What Are the Benefits of Liquid Vitamins?

One of the main benefits of liquid vitamins, apart from the fact that some people find them easier to take, is the fact they are absorbed more easily by the body.

They get assimilated into the blood stream immediately and have a considerably higher rate of absorption than pills and capsules.

Generally the strength of the ingredients in liquid vitamins are up to five times more concentrated than those in pills, so while you might be paying more for them, but you will also be getting more benefits from taking them rather than pills.

The main problem with vitamin pills or tablets is the fact that they have to be digested and broken down into absorbable nutrients before they are of any benefit to you.

In this process of digestion a large percentage of the nutrients are lost with only the balance getting absorbed.

Liquid vitamins offer a better solution of digestion with up to three times the nutrient value being absorbed as compared to a similar product as a pill.

The decision on what is best for you can be determined from looking at all the factors such as ease of use, cost and quality of the nutrients that will actually get absorbed and the products that are available and their nutritional values.

While liquid vitamins might appear to be more expensive you can take them in smaller quantities and still get better results than you would with tablets.

Often liquid vitamins have an unpleasant taste so it might be a good idea to have something else to eat or drink after taking them to make the experience a little more palatable.

Contrary to popular belief that our digestive system will render liquid vitamins ineffective, the opposite has proven to be true. The body assimilates liquid vitamins better than pills, capsules and tablets.

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